AMPD Researchers

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Kevin Sweet

Lead Researcher/Architecture Programme Director VUW

Kevin Sweet is the Architecture Programme Director and Senior Lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington’s (VUW) School of Architecture. He is a registered architect in the United States and focuses his research on contemporary design and fabrication tools as well as methods to enhance current education to be inclusive of these tools. He is an expert in parametric design, digital manufacturing and has an interest in linking design tools directly to the manufacturing process in the search for mass customisation over mass production.

Kevin established the robotics laboratory at VUW and an advanced digital fabrication facility, inclusive of two industrial robots at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Since arriving to New Zealand in 2014, his expertise in contemporary design and fabrication has been focused on prefabrication and various building technologies that are set to transform the building industry. He believes the advancement of software technologies such as BIM and other parametric tools combined with sophisticated computer numerically controlled machines such as industrial robotic arms, will redefine the built environment.

Kevin received his Master of Architecture at Columbia University in New York City, his architectural registration in New Mexico, USA and has been teaching for over 13 years. He publishes on various building methodologies and the architectural pedagogy in these changing times.

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Antony Pelosi

Lead Researcher/Interior Architecture Programme Director VUW

Dr Pelosi is a general specialist at Victoria University of Wellington. He as an impressive ability to identify critical issues and represent positive change through a holistic sustainable design led approach. His passion is improving the well-being of buildings and the people living within them. Ant says “My aim is to make things better, through design. … My research practice aims to expose known and unknown issues that lead to unknown solutions. I achieve this by having empathy for people beyond what they think they want, considering the well-being of people and the connected ecologies in which we live.”

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Guy Marriage

Lead Researcher/Senior Lecturer VUW

Guy is a registered architect and a senior lecturer at Victoria University. With over 25 years of experience on a wide range of different projects in both the UK and NZ, he is one-fifth of First Light Studio Ltd, a design-led architectural practice which focuses on compact, sustainable residential and small-scale commercial design.Wearing his academic hat, he is known as a lecturer genuinely interested in furthering of the body of knowledge surrounding architectural construction, urban design and building performance. He constantly questions and publicly challenges the status quo of NZ building rules, standards and construction methodologies, and encourages his students to both fully understand existing technologies and actively explore exciting new technologies.

Although only becoming a board member in 2017, he has been an active supporter of PrefabNZ since its inception. In his spare time, Guy actively contributes to the built environment community, regularly contributing to local and national public events and has written for publications such as Architecture NZ, Home NZ, Idealog, Urbis, Top Gear, Blueprint, ArchitectureNow, as well as at conferences such as ANZASCA, and SAHANZ.

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Ged Finch

Researcher/PhD Candidate

Ged is actively exploring the capacity of prefabricated architecture to reduce waste in the Building Industry. Ged’s ongoing research is the result of a Masters of Architecture Thesis study that aimed to develop experiential construction methodologies to reduce waste and improve productivity. Prior to undertaking this research Ged has worked briefly in two medium sized architectural firms in Malaysia, been involved in statistical damage analysis of residential dwellings in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake and tutored in the fields of Built Environmental Science, Construction, Design Communication and Critical Theory. Ged’s research is a multidisciplinary study that brings together industrial design, engineering, building science and architecture to propose experiential construction methodologies that aim to eliminate building waste at all stages of a buildings life cycle. The research utilises Victoria Universities digital manufacturing tools and rapid prototyping technologies while also exploring ‘low-tech’ and low carbon solutions.

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Glen Stricot-Tarboton

Researcher/Master Student

Glen is a Master of Architecture student at Victoria University of Wellington. His research is looking at combining modern day fabrication tools and parametric software in order to achieve mass customisation. He is primarily using a robotic arm to manufacture wall panels. Glen grew an interest in robotics in the 4th year robotics elective paper and is currently working part-time with the architecture firm, Makers of Architecture, where he is developing skills in applying modern fabrication systems into a design. He has received financial assistance from the Building Research Levy for his work. In his spare time, Glen enjoys going running in the mountains.

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Louise Wotton


Louise is a fifth year architecture student in Vic who has an interest in the digital world of architecture and the way that it is able to be bridged through the possibilities of fabrication. Her research primarily looks into digital simulation of biological systems and how these can be translated into contemporary structures. Beginning in her second year, Louise has taken digitally-based elective papers where possible, and found these to be challenging compared to more traditional projects, it wasn’t until starting to prepare for her thesis she saw it as potential for it to inform a year long project. Louise has also had experience tutoring first and third year architecture students, in papers that focus on both traditional and digital aspects of architecture. Her research has been given funding through the National Science Challenge in partnership with Scion and the University of Auckland.

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Tayler Hubber-Davis

Researcher/Master Student

Tayler is a Master of Building Science student at Victoria University of Wellington. Originally intending to study Architecture, Tayler discovered in her first year that, although she had a creative aspect, she thought much more pragmatically. This is where she found that her interests lie in Building Science and graduated from her Bachelor of Building Science in 2017. Tayler has a growing interest in the use of BIM and other developing technologies within the construction industry. Her research is looking at testing the feasibility of augmented reality use on sites and how it may support BIM implementation. She has received financial assistance from the Building Research Levy for her work.