Mission Statement

The mission of the Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping for Design research lab is to investigate and define innovative techniques and methods of construction applicable to the building sector through the use of contemporary tools of design, fabrication, and manufacturing. AMPD, a research-based organisation situated within VUW’s esteemed School of Architecture, is dedicated to fostering partnerships between academic researchers, students, and industry professionals in the advancement of existing practices relevant in the construction of the built environment.


With the benefit of VUW’s state-of-the-art facilities and contemporary tools of design, and through the expertise of academic researchers and students, AMPD aims to facilitate the future development of contemporary architectural praxis. The flexibility and intelligence afforded by current design technologies, including fabrication tools and processes such, have enabled traditional building methodologies to be re-envisioned. AMPD investigates potential strategies that will progress the design and construction of the built environment in regards to structure, workflow, materiality and aesthetic applications.

VUW School of Architecture has a robust research programme with highly qualified academics and students pursuing degrees at the PhD, Masters, and undergraduate levels in the disciplines of Architecture, Building Science, Interior Architecture, and Landscape Architecture. The School’s Masters students are especially suited for research investigations as their final thesis entails extensive research into contemporary methods related to the built environment. This year-long research project provides an incredible opportunity to partner with industry professionals to explore innovative solutions using today’s technology. VUW’s School of Architecture students are educated with the skills necessary to navigate complex problems and often offer unique approaches to common issues. Capable of applying advanced skills in critical thinking, digital workmanship, and making, our students are especially adept at challenging the possibilities and limitations of standardised design practice in the aim to improve upon and stimulate the construction industry.

Partnership Opportunities

In capitalizing on the drive to explore the potentials of new technologies and methodologies that may have a profound effect on the future of building, AMPD provides a unique avenue for industry partners and professional practitioners to explore innovative ideas and practices that may otherwise be prohibitive in a business environment. With the benefit of VUW’s resources – including academics and students who excel in problem-solving and the application of alternative approaches applicable to design and fabrication – the opportunity exists to work collaboratively to advance contemporary praxis. Partnerships with industry are key to the success of AMPD with mutual benefit envisioned for all participants: VUW’s academic researchers, students, and industry professionals. In the investigation of advanced material and systems strategies that address real-world challenges, AMPD recognizes the invaluable contribution availed by industry professionals by way of their ideas, knowledge, and financial support.

There are two methods of partnership that are supported by AMPD including Scholarship for Specific Research and General Fund Support:

Scholarship for Specific Research

Industry partners can provide a scholarship for specific research where student investigators will be paired with a research idea or proposal. This support will provide students fees, stipends or both for a student to research an idea or issue that is related to, or a priority for the industry partner. Funds will go directly to the student.

General Fund Support

Industry partners can provide financial support for the research undertaken by AMPD as a whole. These funds will be distributed by AMPD for student fees, stipends or material costs related to AMPD research projects. Along with financial support, partners are encouraged to offer their expertise to students and their work.